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Sound Design Portfolio

I do not claim any of the songs as my original work, however the mixing and editing of songs and sound effects for these productions is my own original work. Some of the things you are not able to hear from these samples are the correct layering of the effects, directionality or proper equalization for a theatre space.
Becky's New Car

By Steven Dietz

Produced by University of Idaho

Moscow, ID

DIrected by Zac Curtis

Design Concept Statement:

"When a woman says she wants a new car, what she really means is she wants a new life." ~Becky


How many of us can say we have had the courage to give up our normal everyday life for the chance to travel a new road to a new life?

Becky Starts her car and drives off. We hear her engine rev and the sound of  her passing other cars with a music underscore

Everytime Becky thinks she is close to settling on a path, she suddenly changes her mind or something happend to change it and static returns.

The theme song to Becky's life.

The static clears when Becky finally makes a choice.

The Merry Wives of Windsor

By William Shakespeare

Produced by Idaho Repertoire Theatre

Moscow, ID

Directed by Cynthia White


Design Concept Statement:

Renaissance England meets TV Sitcom while still allowing for magical Fairy Sequences.

FairyHorn followed by the Fairy's emerging to dance around Hearn's Oak

Hot, dry summer day in the field while Dr. Cauis waits to fight Sir Hugh

The same field, at night when Sir Hugh finally arrives

Hearn's Oak twisting and breaking apart as if by magic for the Fairy's to appear

39 Steps

By Patrick Barlow

Produced by Center Stage Theatre

Federal Way, WA

Directed by Cynthia White

Design Concept Statement:

Murder, mystery and two clowns. A classic whodunit farce based on the works of Alfred Hitchcock.

Underscore for Mr. Memory sequence with French Clowns

Was used during what we called the "Midnight Atmosphere Sequence"

Period Radio Music

"Fourth Bridge" Sequence - Wood Creaking in the wind, the hint of music on the wind, and the sense of building tension/suspense. *NOTE: This starts very quiet.

Radio Newsflash

Plane approaches from a distance, fires machine guns, attempts to fly off, but is damaged and crashes

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