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Sandy Jennings

ESD 105 Regional Literacy Coordinator and NBCT, retired.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ray in our community theatre the last six years. During that time, I have marveled at Ray’s capacity to work well with people of all ages, all experience levels, and various temperaments, backgrounds and perspectives. Whether he is the director or being directed, in all cases, Ray demonstrates patience and an inna
te sense of understanding and support that results in the growth of those around him. A natural educator, Ray is well organized, a positive problem solver, and works well in collaboration with others.

Christopher Duval

Author: Stage Combat Arts: An Integrated Approach to Acting, Voice and Text Work
Ray Pritchard is an extraordinarily talented, skillful and deeply perceptive artist and educator. I have been very inspired by his teaching work in the classroom as well as within his productions as both an actor and director.

Justin Wilder

Music Director - Les Miserables: School Edition

Children's Theatre of Madison - Resident Theatre Company

Overture Center for the Arts


Ray Pritchard is one of the finest directors I have ever worked with.  When I was asked to music direct Les Miserables in three weeks, my first thought was "We better have a great director..."  And we did!  Ray lead a cast and crew through Children's Theater of Madison's summer production of Les Mis for a talented group of high school students.  Ray not only inspired our cast of 30 students but also inspired his fellow staff members.  Ray is so passionate about the projects he is working on and that energy is incredibly contagious.  Ray is one heck of a director and any organization would be lucky to have him as their leader.  I sincerely hope that our professional paths cross and I have the opportunity to work again with Ray.


Dr. Terry Converse

Directing Professor - Washington State University

Author: Directing for the Stage: A Workshop Guide of Creative Exercises and Projects


Ray and I have worked on many productions in a director-designer relationship, the most recent being productions of The Shape of Things and End Days. Ray's feel for music and his ability to select, edit, and harmonize with the prevailing production concept is remarkable. As sound designer Ray watches rehearsals intently, and makes adept adjustments as necessary.


He's incredibly easy to work with, and all involved feel very comfortable with his artistry. In addition to our production work at WSU, Ray and I taught all levels of acting and directing together, with Ray focusing on acting, and myself on directing. We both found music to be a highly effective training tool for actors and directors, and here also I found Ray's music choices to be spot on. Ray is multi-talented, but clearly sound design is one of his major strengths.


Cynthia White

Freelance Director


I have had the opportunity to work with Ray as a Sound Designer for two productions. The first being The Merry Wives of Windsor for Idaho Repertoire Theatre and the second on 39 Steps for Center Stage Theatre. Ray’s sound design for these two productions, in fast succession in 2013, blew me away. And both productions had obstacles that would have stalled a less talented and committed designer.


With Merry Wives he was quick with ideas that he supported with a range of options; he was ready to take a quirky musical idea of mine and run with it, then he was also ready to find late-in-the-game musical solutions when my quirky music did not have its desired effect and needed to be changed. He is a generous collaborator and excellent technician. He created a magical and whimsical score for the Herne’s Oak climactic scene.


The 39 Steps is sheer insanity from start to finish. Ray created a fantastic sound design for us long distance, while he was finishing up his degree in Idaho. He was able to not only tweak the design as needed during his tech weekend visit but also to train the board ops on new sound equipment in order to run the multi-layered cues efficiently and effectively. He showed great patience and generosity of spirit, shoring up ensemble and supporting the rest of the tech team during a tense rehearsal, while still maintaining high artistic standards. I’m looking for my next opportunity to work with Ray.

David Lee-Painter

Professor of Performance and Directing

University of Idaho


Ray Pritchard is DYNAMITE sound designer! I have had the great good fortune to collaborate on sound with Ray on two productions, Anton in Show Business and A Christmas Carol – BOTH utilized live music and Foley sound effects. His work – and stellar organizational skills – propelled the production exponentially forward creatively. He is a terrific collaborator –with vision. I would work with Ray again – in a MINUTE!


KCACTF Region VII Meritourious Achievment in Sound Design 2013

KCACTF Meritourious Achievment for Sound Design of Anton in Show Business - University of Idaho

KCACTF Meritourious Achievment for Directing The Boat Builder - University of Idaho

KCACTF Meritourious Achievment for Sound Design of The Shape of Things - Washington State University

KCACTF Meritourious Achievment for Sound Design of End Days - Washington State University

KCACTF Meritourious Achievment for Directing Dracula - Washington State University


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