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DownStageRight Productions

This is my own production company. Here you will find info on devised and original theatre pieces I have worked on.
The Cordelia Collection


I am a huge fan of Halloween. In october of 2013, I was determined to do a Halloween themed show, but was not having much luck finding scripts. So, I grabbed some playwrights, directors, and actors, and we made our own show based on Scary Stories and Urban Legends.


The Collection gets it's name from the Cordelia Church. The oldest Lutheran Church in the state of Idaho.


As you can see from the pictures, there is no power to the church. Everything was done by candle light.

24-Hour Theatre Festival

24 Hours to write, cast, rehearse and perform a 10-minute play. This annual festival at the University of Idaho is a favorite among students and audience members.


On top of the 24 hour deadline each director/playwright combo must include specific props/ideas/patterns of speech/location etc... into their show.

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